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Aedel Handmade Soap

by Atmaryst





Aedel Handmade Milk Soap

Natural, botaniaclly rich ewe's milk soap

Hand milked, handmade on small urban farm Southern Highlands NSW 

With botanical base of natural oils such as olive, sweet almond, apricot kernel and macadamia nut oil and then enriched with the nutrient dense fresh milk from diary sheep bringing a creamy quality. Petals, clay and extracts are used to blend individual varieties, fragrances are created from 100% natural high grade essential oils.

There is 5 scents to choose from and each bar is 120g

Milk Rose - Beautiful rose tones blended from pure Palmarosa and Rose Geranium essential oils. Classic and Best Seller

Milk Lavender - Herbaceous Lavender essential oil blended with thick Patchouli to balane the floral notes. A beautiful bar to use in the evening before retiring to bed. 

Milk Clary Sage - A refreshing and light herbaceous scent. Appealing to both women and men 

Milk Orange and Ginger - With warm and smokey tones blended from pure Sweet Orange, Clove and Ginger essential oils. The slightly spicy scent of this bar is our most exotic.

Milk (unscented) Free from essential oils, our unscented bar appeals to those who love their pure parfum uninhibited and for those who have sensitivities to essential oils.


**Crush Cinnamon Milk no longer available

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