Monster Plant in a modern grey cement pot 

Do you like Terry? Terry is a Monstera Deliciosa plant with big beautiful perforated leaves in quirky shapes. Terry aka delicious monster or swiss cheese plant can be a shady kind of guy but does prefer to be well lit. Whether you like him for his heartiness or leafy style, he’ll damn sure make an impact to your space.

Benefits of Delicious Monster

  • Removes Carbon Dioxide and keeps oxygen flowing through your indoor spaces
  • Purifies the air by removing toxins, helps to deter illness, ease tension and lower stress 

How to care for your Monster

  • Delicious Monsters require a moderate amount of water only once the surface of the soil has dried out.
  • Check moisture levels but sticking your finger about 2cm into the soil, if its dry, it’ll require watering.
  • Always allow the soil to dry out between watering.
  • Naturally in the colder months you will water less and in the hotter months you will need to water your Monster more often.
  • Monsters will need the occasional plant food (fertiliser) to maintain lush growth.

Ideal Light Conditions 

  • The Monster prefers a naturally bright position e.g. a room that receives sunlight however do not place him in direct sunlight.   

What’s included?

Grey Cement Pot (21cm W x 20cm H)

Total Height from bottom of pot to top of plant is approx 55cm

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