Marble Queen in Cream ceramic Pot

Isn't she beautiful? Bonnie will make any small space look good. Ideal for bathroom, kitchen, shelf dressing and office space. Bonnie is an Epipremnum Aureum aka Devils Ivy or Marble Queen Pothos. She is a popular choice when it comes to hard to kill plants. This trailing plant with its distinctly varigated green and white leaves is a hardy indoor plant that tolerates a wide range of growing condition including low light and irregular watering. Marble Queen are harder to find and are more of a slow grower compared to the Golden Pothos. Bonnie is a true beauty.

Benefits of Marble Queen

  • Their leaves can absorb airborne chemicals and break them down, rendering them harmless
  • They absorb exhaled carbon dioxide and convert it to breathable oxygen
  • Eliminate bacteria and mold spores in the air
  • Hard to kill plant, low maintenance

How to care for your Queen

  • Requires moderate amount of water only once the surface of the soil has dried out.
  • Needs bright light to keep the leaves variegated
  • Always allow the soil to dry out between watering
  • Plant food (fertiliser) to maintain lush growth.

Ideal Light Conditions 

  • Bright light and a lot of it, but not direct sunlight
  • A sunny spot shielded by a sheer curtain is often perfect or morning sun
  • Can be in more shady position however you may lose the variegated leaf pattern

What’s included?

Cream textual Pot (18cm W x 15cm H)

Total Height from bottom of pot to top of plant is approx 30cm.